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Eucalyptus essential oil

Botanical name: Eucalyptus globulus

INCI: : Eucalyptus globulus oil

CAS No: 8000-48-4

EINECS No: 207-431-5

Country of origin: Morocco

Extraction method: Steam Distilled

Part used: Woods and Leaves

Color: Clear, pale yellow to amber orange

Gravity: : 0,909-0,919

Major constituents:a-pinene, b-pinene, a-phellandrene, 1,8-cineole, limonene, terpinen-4-ol, aromadendrene, epiglobulol, piperitone and globulol.

Common uses:Eucalyptus oil has a cooling and deodorizing effect on the body, helping with fevers, migraine and malaria. For the respiratory tract, it helps with coughs, asthma, throat infections, sinusitis and catarrhal conditions. It soothes inflammation and eases mucus, clearing the head from the stuffiness of colds and hay fever. Eucalyptus oil is useful as a warming oil when used for muscular aches and pains, rheumatoid arthritis, sprains and poor circulation. In skin care it can be used for burns, blisters, herpes, cuts, wounds, skin infections and insect bites. It can furthermore boost the immune system and is helpful in cases of chicken pox, colds, flu and measles.